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Housing Problem Solver Company


Bring u​s your credit, mortgage and housing problems.​

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We Specialize in Solution for Housing Problems.

Housing Problem Solvers Company is a for profit company.  Our office is located in the Atlantic Station area of Midtown, Atlanta. We are incorporated in the state of  Georgia. We are a member of the Atlanta Apartment Association. We offer services nationwide.  We offer housing locator, credit consulting, Real Estate and mortgage consulting services.  We specialize in assisting with difficult situation. We don't care about your evictions, bankruptcy, foreclosure, felonies or more. We can find you a great place to live if you have the funds for your new housing. We know that good housing is available for everyone.  

Yes, we can find you a good place to live. Yes, finding with problem credit or background and be difficult. However, find housing is our speciality. We began this service 2008. We incorporated the business in 2012. We have a proven tract record of success.  All clients my sign our contract. We offer flexible payment option.  We work hard to get our clients placed. We commit to 25 property that will accept you depending on the program you select. All credit or debit card payment handle via our bank. The bank will provide proof of payment via email. All payments are secured. You can enroll online or contact us. We look forward to finding you new housing in your chosen area.

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Prom Dress Challenge!

Enter your Apartment Communities or High School in the Prom Dress Challenge! We will provide a Gift Card of $175 for one Prom Person per 20 referrals and 3 paid applicants. Give us more referrals and we will provide more gift cards to your apartment community. The gift card recipient must be a renter in the apartment community. Recipient and Parent's  Name and contact information must be provided to Housing Problem Solvers Company! 

      Enrollment is $75 per Apartment Community.

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in the Prom Dress Challenge 


We want can find new housing for your problem renters!!!

Yes, we want to find housing for your problem renters! We can do group sessions or individuals. 

We have a transition plan that works!!

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We can find your good housing regardless of bad credit or criminal background!!​

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Housing Vouchers and Authorities

Learn More about our Housing Voucher Assistance

Housing Vouchers

We offer a variety of programs for assisting apartment communities with Relocating Problem renters. We offer incentive for Properties also! 

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What our customers are saying

I spent a lot of money on fees trying to use property management only to be turned down because of my bankruptcy. Your company was such a stark contrast to them! Your fee was reasonable and worth every penny.You not only found me a home but also negotiated directly with the landlord to facilitate my placement in a wonderful house. Your financial advice sound.  Your tenacity and concern for my needs outstanding. Your tenacity and concern for my needs outstanding.

 Bonnie Sue Jacobs, US Army Retired

Landlord Double Deposit

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